What is the Hong Kong Prize?

hk prize

The hk prize is one of Asia’s premier awards, drawing thousands of applicants each year. Winners receive a substantial monetary award and gain access to Hong Kong’s premier research facilities. The prize also promotes scientific innovation, international cooperation, and high moral standards.

This prestigious writing competition is open to all secondary school students in Hong Kong. It is judged by a panel of experts and has no sponsorship or special committee influences. Winners will be announced at a ceremony in late 2020. This is a great way to encourage your students to express their creativity and sharpen their writing skills.

It has become increasingly important for researchers to focus on the impact of their work on society, and the hk prize offers an excellent opportunity to do so. This competition offers a hefty cash prize, as well as the opportunity to present your work at an awards ceremony, which can help boost your professional image and increase job placement opportunities later on.

The hongkong prize is an international award that honors scientists whose research has a profound impact on society. It is a great way to promote scientific innovation, as it recognizes the positive benefits that science can have on humanity and encourages more young people to pursue science with passion. The award is open to all scientists worldwide and is free from sponsorship or other special committee influences. Winners are selected through a rigorous peer review process that takes into account both the quality of the research and its impact.

The award was founded by Lui Che-woo to recognize individuals who advance world civilisation and inspire others towards building a harmonious society. This non-governmental merit-based prize aims to support global peace and prosperity by promoting scientific innovation, international cooperation, and high moral conduct standards.

Fifteen prominent academics from across the globe have nominated five imprisoned Hong Kong pro-democracy leaders for the Nobel Peace Prize. The scholars say a Peace Prize for the city’s prisoners of conscience would underscore “the highest moral aspirations of humanity.” They compare them to such past winners as Hitler critic Carl von Ossietzky, Soviet dissident Andrei Sakharov, and Polish politician Lech Walesa.

Despite China’s claims to impose its authority over Hong Kong, the prize shows that Beijing’s efforts to silence dissent are failing. It also highlights the city’s resilience and commitment to democracy.

This annual prize is a chance for secondary school students to show off their artistic talent and learn more about Asian culture! It is open to all Hong Kong students and has a judging panel that selects the winner. Shortlisted students receive a certificate and teachers can even win prizes for their classrooms. Check out the official website for more information!