The Process of Using Data SGP

data sgp

Data sgp is a database that contains information about how well students are progressing in their education. It is a useful tool for educators, as it allows them to see how their students are doing and where they can improve. However, the information in this database can be overwhelming, as there is a lot of it. To help make sense of this, we have created a series of podcasts that will walk you through the process of using data sgp.

Generally speaking, student growth percentiles are a measure of how much a student has grown relative to academically-similar students. This means that a student with a higher growth percentile is more advanced than a student with a lower one.

In order to determine the best way to improve a student’s learning, educators must first understand how students are progressing in their classrooms. This is done by looking at student data, such as M-STEP and SAT scores. The data can then be analyzed to identify areas where improvements can be made. For example, if a student’s score on an assessment went up this year, then it is likely that the teacher did a good job of teaching them. However, if the student’s score fell this year, it is possible that the teacher did not do a good job of teaching them.

When analyzing student data, it is important to consider both the rate of change and the magnitude of the change in order to evaluate whether or not a program has been effective. This can be difficult because of the nature of the data, which is based on averages. For this reason, it is essential to use growth models when evaluating a school’s programs.

There are two common formats for longitudinal (time dependent) student assessment data: WIDE and LONG format. The SGPdata package, installed when one installs the SGP tools, includes exemplar WIDE and LONG data sets to assist in setting up these analyses. In general, the lower level SGP functions use WIDE data whereas the higher level wrapper functions utilize LONG data.

The sgpData_INSTRUCTOR_NUMBER lookup table provides insturctor information associated with each test record. This table is a convenient place to store insturctor information for a program and can be used by the higher level functions to identify teachers who may have been particularly effective at teaching a particular content area.

The sgpData_INSTRUCTOR_ORDER variable specifies the maximum coefficient matrix order to be utilized for each progression. Default is NULL which uses the defaults for the Statewide SGPs. The sgpStateData argument, if not set by the user, will be set to the SGPstateData which contains information on whether the State is a cohort or baseline referenced system. The sgpPlots_format argument, if not set by the user, defaults to ‘print’ which produces graphs optimized for print form. Otherwise, the argument will be set to ‘presentation’ which produces graphs optimized for presentation. The sgpPlots_zipped_schools argument, if not set by the user, determines which school folders to zip growth achievement plots into.